Film Events

GET TICKETS:  Down in the Delta (African-American Filmmakers Showcase)
June 18, 2019
Opera House
Havre de Grace Arts Collective Presents: Rosa Lynn sends her druggie daughter Loretta and her children Thomas and Tracy away from the big city to live with their uncle Earl in the ancestral home in rural Mississippi. Earl puts Loretta to work in his restaurant, Just Chicken, while also telling them about the generations of their family, the Sinclairs, dating back to their time in slavery before the the Civil War.
GET TICKETS:  BlacKkKlansman (In Case You Missed It)
July 24, 2019
Opera House
Ron Stallworth, an African American police officer from Colorado Springs, CO, successfully manages to infiltrate the local Ku Klux Klan branch with the help of a Jewish surrogate who eventually becomes its leader. Based on actual events.
GET TICKETS:  Spiderman: Into the Spider Verse (Family Film Series)
July 26, 2019
Opera House
Teen Miles Morales becomes Spider-Man of his reality, crossing his path with five counterparts from other dimensions to stop a threat for all realities.
GET TICKETS:  Loving Vincent (In Case You Missed It)
July 31, 2019
Opera House
In a story depicted in oil painted animation, a young man comes to the last hometown of painter Vincent van Gogh to deliver the troubled artist's final letter and ends up investigating his final days there.
GET TICKETS:  The Black Stallion (Family Film Series)
August 2, 2019
Opera House
While traveling with his father, young Alec becomes fascinated by a mysterious Arabian stallion who is brought on board and stabled in the ship he is sailing on. When it tragically sinks both he and the horse survive only to be stranded on a desert island. He befriends it, so when finally rescued, both return to his home where they soon meet Henry Dailey, a once-successful trainer. Together they begin training the stallion to race against the fastest horses in the world.
GET TICKETS:  Queen of Katwe (Family Film)
August 9, 2019
Opera House
A Ugandan girl sees her world rapidly change after being introduced to the game of chess.
GET TICKETS:  March of the Penguins (Family Film Series)
August 16, 2019
Opera House
In the Antarctic, every March since the beginning of time, the quest begins to find the perfect mate and start a family.
GET TICKETS:  If Beale Street Could Talk (In Case You Missed It)
August 21, 2019
Opera House
A young woman embraces her pregnancy while she and her family set out to prove her childhood friend and lover innocent of a crime he didn't commit.
GET TICKETS:  Aquaman (Family Film Series)
August 23, 2019
Opera House
Arthur Curry, the human-born heir to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, goes on a quest to prevent a war between the worlds of ocean and land.
GET TICKETS:  The Insult (In Case You Missed It)
August 28, 2019
Opera House
After an emotional exchange between a Lebanese Christian and a Palestinian refugee escalates, the men end up in a court case that gets national attention.