GET TICKETS:  Cotton Comes to Harlem: A Day with Chester Himes
Opera House
Mar 24, 2018
COTTON COMES TO HARLEM: A Day With Chester Himes Featuring Dr. Lawrence Jackson, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of English and History at Johns Hopkins and author of Chester B. Himes: A Biography. Chester Himes was an important African-American author of the mid-20th century, particularly famous for his detective novels set in Harlem. Dr. Lawrence Jackson is a professor at Johns Hopkins University who works in both the English and History Departments. Dr. Jackson has written an acclaimed new biography of Himes, which the New YorkTimes described as “a bracing journey through the life of an uncompromising writer.” The Havre de Grace Arts Collective joins with the Harford County Public Library and St Johns Episcopal Church to present a three-part event in the afternoon and evening of March 24, 2018.