GET TICKETS: An Evening with Rachel Carson

The Havre de Grace Arts Collective presents: An Evening with Rachel Carson

Actress Colleen Webster presents a one-woman show about the scientist and author who ignited the modern environmental movement. This performance highlights Carson’s research, personal life and legacy, which we still enjoy today along the Chesapeake Bay.

We will be privy to Rachel Carson in the summer of 1952 as she walks the woods of her property at Southport Island, Maine. Her 8 year old grand-nephew Roger, whom she has adopted after the death of her niece, is walking the tide line below her. She is joined by her neighbor and dearest friend Dorothy as she looks for birds and reminisces about her career, writing and life. Miss Carson does not realize we are here, so please hold your questions until she is done. After that, we will be joined by Colleen Webster who will also take questions.

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