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Malice in Wonderland

March 22-24, 2019

Malice in Wonderland tells the story of Alice Hare, a ten-year-old girl living in Victorian England.  Alice lives with her father, who is Stationmaster at the local railway station. She is a lonely girl with a huge imagination, and often talks to her own reflection, Other Alice. One day, Other Alice talks back, and offers to “change places” with Alice. Alice steps through her mirror and winds up in Wonderland, a strange and dangerous world where playing cards come to life, mushrooms make you grow and shrink, and a cup of tea may be a perilous potion.

Soon after arriving in Wonderland, Alice meets Cordelia, a beautiful and mysterious woman who seems to be in love with Alice’s father. Cordelia has a secret: she is the notorious Queen of Hearts, an enchantress who romances wealthy men, then turns them into animals. She already has a pet cat, dormouse, and raven, and she plans to turn Alice’s father into a rabbit. Alice will need to use every bit of her imagination and courage to defeat Cordelia, save her father, and escape the mirror world.

Malice in Wonderland is presented by Forest Hill Dance and The Dance Macabre, whose previous shows include fairy tales with a twist like Snow White and the Seven Demonsand Cinderella, Vampire Slayer. These shows feature original stories, dancers age 11-adult, and the talents of Baltimore-based voice actors. The production has spooky elements but is appropriate for school-aged children.

Cast members featured in photographs:

Alice: Peri Miltenberger

The Queen of Hearts: Olivia Dean

The White Rabbit: Timothy Strickler

The Cheshire Cat: Ellie Ford

The Mad Hatter: Kaitlyn Winner

(Appropriate for ages 10 and up).


March 22, 8pm

March 23, 1pm

March 23, 8pm

March 24, 1pm

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