Covid-19 Protocol for our Patrons

Theatre capacity is reduced to 50%.

Hand sanitizer stations throughout the building including behind stage.

Deep cleaning after each performance.

Guests, performers and employees older than 5 must wear masks while indoors in public spaces and outdoors when social distancing is not possible. When outdoors, masks are required if unable to consistently maintain at least six feet of distance from other non-household individuals and are advisable under all conditions.

Revised seating plan created to adhere to safe social distancing mandate. Masks to be worn by audience members and volunteers at all times. Social distancing will be observed when entering and exiting the theater.

Ensure soap dispensers are always full.

Spots six feet apart will be marked in the hallway leading to the restrooms.

The capacity of the women’s room will be limited to four people and three people for the men’s room.

Volunteers will monitor the line to keep it a “one person out, one person in” method to easily maintain restroom occupancy.

Clean in between high traffic times, such as at the start of the show.

Ensure restroom supplies are always fully stocked.

Patrons will be asked to go directly up to the theatre.

If patrons must wait in the lobby/gallery, they will be instructed to stand six feet apart.

Make sanitizing station available after patrons have presented tickets to the ticket taker.

Concessions may be sold in the black box.

Volunteers will maintain six feet distance from patrons as much as possible.

Only packaged goods will be sold.

Volunteers will be encouraged to wear gloves.

Attendees may remove their masks for only as long as they are consuming concessions. Concessions can only be consumed in the black box with attendees maintaining six feet separation from others.


Patrons will be asked to remain six feet apart from other attendees.

Familial groups may remain closer than the mandated six feet.

Arts Collective staff will make an announcement prior to each show (live or recorded) explaining procedures for exiting the theatre following the performance.

Attendees will exit beginning with the back rows maintaining a safe social distance moving forward until the theatre is emptied. Announcement will also reinforce six feet distancing, masking, restroom, and concession protocol.


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