Covid-19 Protocol for our Patrons

Theatre capacity is 100%.

Hand sanitizer stations throughout the building including behind stage.

Cleaning after each performance.

Ensure soap dispensers are always full.

Clean in between high traffic times, such as at the start of the show.

Ensure restroom supplies are always fully stocked.

If patrons must wait in the lobby/gallery, they will be instructed to stand 6 feet apart if they have not yet been fully vaccinated.

Make sanitizing station available after patrons have presented tickets to the ticket taker.

Concessions may be sold in the black box.

Volunteers will maintain 6 feet distance from patrons as much as possible.

Only packaged goods will be sold.

Masks are recommended if attendees have not been fully vaccinated.

Maintaining a distance of 6 feet from other attendees is recommended if you have not yet been fully vaccinated.

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