About the Havre de Grace Arts Collective

About the Havre de Grace Arts Collective

The overarching goal of the Havre de Grace Arts Collective (Arts Collective) is to program the new Cultural Arts Center at the Opera house making it a regional destination and to maintain the Arts and Entertainment District in Havre de Grace.

The Arts Collective is a newly formed 501(c)(3) organization created to address numerous cultural and economic needs of Havre de Grace and the surrounding area.   The Arts Collective is composed of likeminded individuals who want to see the arts grow locally and regionally.   Its mission is as follows:

To build community and stimulate economic vitality through the arts by providing quality entertainment that engages and inspires audiences; offering educational opportunities which nurture learning and creativity; and by encouraging synergism among performing, cultural and visual arts groups.     

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Havre de Grace Arts Collective

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