Blood Trilogy by Herschell Gordon Lewis

Blood Trilogy by Herschell Gordon Lewis

“BLOOD FEAST” (1963) is the first in director Herschell Gordon Lewis’s “Blood Trilogy”, followed by “TWO THOUSAND MANIACS!” (1964) and “COLOR ME BLOOD RED” (1965). Lewis (1926-2016), who specialized in exploitation films, was known as “The Godfather of Gore,” after ushering in a new type of horror film: the “gore film.” His horror films are known for depicting acts of extreme violence, usually perpetrated upon beautiful young women. Most of his films are also known for their low budgets, bad acting, laughable dialogue, preposterous story lines, and shoddy production values. Shocking and controversial in its day—and highly profitable—“BLOOD FEAST” is revered by its fans for being the first of its kind, and is embraced by those who see the dark humor in the over-the-top violence and the obviously fake gore effects, and who enjoy laughing at the performances, the dialogue, and the ridiculous story. Not for those easily offended by excessive violence, or by those who don’t enjoy good “bad” movies, “BLOOD FEAST” is not for all tastes. For gorehounds and bad movie lovers, it is a cinematic classic!

“BLOOD FEAST” stars William Kerwin (clueless cop), Mal Arnold (hilariously over-the-top as the Egyptian caterer/killer), and 1963 Playboy Playmate of the Month, Connie Mason (clueless heroine). Enjoy the feast—if you dare!!!  Get your tickets to Blood Feast, Two Thousand Maniacs, and Color Me Blood Red soon!!

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