HdG Arts and Entertainment District

About the HdG Arts and Entertainment District

Havre de Grace is the perfect location to create and sell your art. Located at the junction of the Susquehanna River and Chesapeake Bay, our setting has been an inspiration to artists for centuries. Decoy carvers replicate nature, water colorists capture the evening skies over the water and writers find inspiration in the views. In the Spring of 2007, a group from the arts community led the effort to secure the official Arts & Entertainment (A & E) Designation by the State of Maryland. Because of our strong art community the State of Maryland awarded Havre de Grace an A & E Designation on July 1, 2008. The Havre de Grace Arts Collective, a 501(c)(3) non profit corporation, oversees the A & E District and administers and promotes the A & E Programs.

Under the direction of the Maryland State Arts Council, the A&E Districts Program has become a model for states across the country interested in using metrics to demonstrate the economic impact of a thriving art and cultural scene in a community.

Havre de Grace is one of 25 designated A&E Districts across Maryland in 15 counties. These Districts can be found in rural communities, suburbs, small towns and large urban environments. Districts receive designation for a 10-year period and may reapply after the initial period.

The A&E designation offers incentives to animate existing infrastructure and attract artists to invest and create unique cultural environments which house galleries, studios, arts centers, events, festivals and complementary businesses – all of which impact revitalization, heighten public safety, engage communities and increase the quality of life.

In addition, Maryland legislation has provided three incentives for these districts: A property tax credit for renovations or new construction of A&E enterprises, an abatement of the Admissions and Amusements Tax for A&E enterprises, and an income tax subtraction for income derived from the sale of art by qualified residing artists. These incentives are designed to attract artists and entrepreneurs to locate and create within A&E Districts to revitalize underutilized properties and to animate existing infrastructure.

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