Havre de Grace Candidate’s Night (sponsored by OPAC)
April 25, 2018
Opera House
Are you interested in hearing where the candidates stand on issues that affect your quality of life. Join us for a moderated candidate's forum.
Learn More About the Havre de Grace Arts & Entertainment (A&E) District
April 26, 2018
Opera House
Forest Hill Dance is pleased to partner with The Danse Macabre to present: Cinderella, Vampire Slayer. Join us March 23rd-25th, 2018 at the Havre de Grace Opera House for a playfully dark twist on a favorite fairy tale. In this original production, the Pierces, a wealthy family of vampires, are throwing a ball to find a wife for their son, Rory. Cinderella Glass, a young witch with fire-starting powers, is chosen to crash the party and bring the Pierces down. She's got until midnight to win Rory's heart…and then run it through with a wooden stake!
GET TICKETS:  Tidewater Players present “1776” – May 4 -20
May 4, 2018
Opera House
It’s the summer of 1776, and the nation is ready to declare independence… if only our founding fathers can agree to do it! 1776 follows John Adams of Massachusetts, Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania and Thomas Jefferson of Virginia as they attempt to convince the members of the Second Continental Congress to vote for independence from the shackles of the British monarchy by signing the Declaration of Independence. For more information about this and our other upcoming shows or to donate to Tidewater Players, visit www.TidewaterPlayers.com.
GET TICKETS:  Open Mic Night at the Opera House
May 7, 2018
Opera House
The Havre de Grace Library joins with the Cultural Center at the Opera House where teens are invited to perform music, comedy, poetry, or dance at the Open Mic Night event from the Opera House stage!
GET TICKETS:  Chris Kaltenbach presents “Seen on Screen: Great Movies and Why We Love Them” featuring SUPERMAN (1978)
May 8, 2018
Opera House
Chris Kaltenbach, film writer for the Baltimore Sun, selects and presents Hollywood classics with lively talks about each film and a running commentary on their influence in American culture. Superman- Just before the destruction of the planet Krypton, scientist Jor-El sends his infant son on a spaceship to Earth. Raised by kindly farmers named Kent, young Clark discovers the source of his superhuman powers and moves to Metropolis to fight evil.
GET TICKETS:  Gallipoli (WW1 Series)
May 14, 2018
Opera House
Archy (Mark Lee) and Frank (Mel Gibson) are two young Australian sprinters who want to join the army to fulfill their sense of duty. Turned down because they are too young, the pair hop a freight train to Perth, where they are allowed to join up. They board a troop ship headed to Cairo and, after training in the shadows of the Great Pyramids, the boys are finally sent to the front line, where their speed makes them candidates for messengers in one of the war's bloodiest battles.
GET TICKETS:  My Love, Don’t Cross That River (POV Film Series)
May 15, 2018
Opera House
89-year-old Kang Gye-Yeol and 98-year-old Jo Byeong-Man are married and have lived together for 76 years. While Kang and Jo spend every day like a newlywed couple, they now must face the reality of their aging romance.
GET TICKETS:  Mad Hot Ballroom (Rated PG) (Children’s Film Series)
May 19, 2018
Opera House
Documentary filmmaker Marilyn Agrelo chronicles the lives of several New York City schoolchildren as they get ready for a dancing competition sponsored by the nonprofit group American Ballroom Theater. As the finals of the competition near, the students — ranging in age from 10 to 11 and coming from both poor and affluent neighborhoods — make their transformation from reticent novices to confident contestants versed in the Latin styles of foxtrot, merengue and rumba.
GET TICKETS:  Good Night and Good Luck (B&W)
May 22, 2018
Opera House
When Senator Joseph McCarthy begins his foolhardy campaign to root out Communists in America, CBS News impresario Edward R. Murrow (David Strathairn) dedicates himself to exposing the atrocities being committed by McCarthy's Senate "investigation." Murrow is supported by a news team that includes long-time friend and producer Fred Friendly (George Clooney). The CBS team does its best to point out the senator's lies and excesses, despite pressure from CBS' corporate sponsors to desist.
GET TICKETS:  The Big Sick (In Case You Missed It Film Series)
May 25, 2018
Opera House
Funny, heartfelt and intelligent, The Big Sick uses its appealing leads and cross-cultural themes to prove the standard romcom formula still has some fresh angels left to explore.
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